Business Advisory & Strategy

Management/Directors advisory Board

Both Stephen and Martin have participated in meetings where the business operations have been thoroughly discussed, analysed and solutions suggested. Follow-up meetings are held and those responsible are to report as to what has been accomplished. These meetings are a continual process. They require work to prepare for and work to action the points made.

We will work with the advisory board, to strategise, and optimise your business profitability and growth through a detailed development program targeted to maximise your business value. We can help you assess new opportunities that will ensure your business continues to grow by providing the practical support you need to make the right decisions.


Succession Planning

Stephen and Martin have worked with many clients assisting with exit and succession planning. Succession remains a significant issue for many business owners in Australia, with a range of economic and business factors placing increased emphasis on proper planning. Many find that they have left exit planning too late and do not have adequate plans in place.

We work with our clients understanding the outgoing and ingoing equity participants wants to ensure as best as possible that the business continues to thrive and that the goals discussed and agreed to are reached. Equity participants are provided with the support and guidance that is required and the process is explained in detail. It is important that individual and business requirements are discussed and carefully considered within each personalised plan.

We understand that “letting go of the reigns” is very difficult for family business owners in particular those who have been actively involved for many years. Our approach helps to make this process as smooth as possible, with a focus on the future success of the business.

Salary Planning

Weber Bowman can also review and advise on salary packaging. Salary packaging is a tax effective way of restructuring your income, enabling you to pay for a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax salary rather than your after-tax salary. You may be able to salary package items such as a car through a Novated Lease, laptop, pay utilities and make home mortgage or rental repayments.

Not all employers offer salary packaging (and not all the above items are able to salary sacrificed with all employers) but if yours does it is important to understand the benefits and costs involved. Whether it’s making pre-tax superannuation contributions or the complex process of establishing a Novated Lease we can review it to ensure that the benefits claimed are real.